Extreme Pornography Possession and Doctors

Extreme Pornography - Law for DoctorsExtreme Pornography and Doctors – Law

A number of doctors have been found to be in possession of extreme pornography and prosecuted by the British authorities. Where a conviction arises, the matter will be referred to the GMC by the police. A doctor has an obligation to promptly disclose both charge and conviction to the GMC.

The GMC will rely on the conviction and refer the case to a fitness to practise hearing of the MPTS in most instances. There are also instances where doctors have been found to be in possession of child abuse images as well. See our article on this: Doctors and Child Abuse Image Possession

For a summary of what constitutes the offence of possession of extreme pornography, see the Crown Prosecution Service’s website: Extreme Pornography. In essence, it includes images of bestiality, genital/anal/breast harm, snuff images, and images that cause a risk of severe injury or risk to life.

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