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Many queries arise from GMC related law. We also cover many other areas of law that doctors may be affected by. Doctors are affected by law and legal issues in both their private and public life. If we cannot answer the question, we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can At Doctors Defence Service we aim to meet the legal needs of doctors from a variety of specialisms.

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Doctors Defence Service (DDS) assists medical doctors who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the United Kingdom (UK) and also those doctors from abroad who wish to register and practise as doctors in the UK. Doctors Defence Service also assists doctors in relation to all other legal issues arising from daily practice and operating businesses in the clinical arena. DDS represents doctors in FTP and IOP GMC proceedings, at inquests, in general civil cases, in commercial and contract law, in revalidation matters, and employment law. Doctors Defence Service can be contacted on 0800 10 88 739. We have main offices in London, Manchester, and Telford. We cover most other UK regions too.

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  1. A doctor says:

    The GMC has sent me a letter asking me for my comments on allegations that have been made against me. What should I do?

    Doctors Defence Service Replies: There are two stages that a formal written reply may be helpful (known as the Rule 4 and Rule 7 stages). The Rule 4 stage is the on the initial receipt of a complaint. Some complaints are closed at this stage because they do not meet the minimum threshold for investigation. A simple letter from the doctor may also assist in persuading the GMC that there is nothing to investigate. If there is evidence suggestive of a problem worthy of investigation, the GMC will ask for formal replies. The GMC may well close the case if a doctor makes appropriate submissions, supported by evidence at this stage. Doctors Defence Service advises doctors on the contents of submissions at the Rule 4 and Rule 7 stages of investigation. Read more on Rule 4 and Rule 7 Submissions.

    Doctors Defence Service can provide legal advice to doctors on Interim Orders Tribunal Proceedings.
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