Legal Advice for Doctors – including Our Urgent Legal Advice Service

Doctors Defence Service - Legal Advice for Doctors in Urgent Cases - Emergency Legal Advice for DoctorsDoctors Defence Service provides legal advice and legal assistance to medical doctors. We can provide face to face and telephone legal advice, and can represent doctors at various hearings and meetings. Our lawyers can also advise the healthcare sector that employs doctors. Doctors Defence Service lawyers are aware of the urgency of some legal matters and our lawyers can often see a doctor the same day or the next day, even where there is complex paperwork to digest.

Advice is also available by telephone to doctors who may need a quick answer to a legal problem.

If you are urgently seeking legal advice, call us on 0800 10 88 739 and ask to speak to a DDS lawyer under our Urgent Legal Advice Service Scheme. A lawyer will phone you back within an hour or so of your call, if they are not immediately available.

A face to face appointment with a specialist lawyer the the relevant legal field may be possible the same day.

Telephone Enquiries
Doctors Defence Service is content to discuss with all doctors, without obligation, how DDS may be able to assist them in relation to any legal matter, whether it concerns: the interpretation of workplace policy, national clinical standards and healthcare protocols; doctors’ GMC law; doctors’ MPTS Hearing and Adjudication law; doctors’ employment law including workplace suspensions, disciplinary and appeal processes; commercial and NHS law that affects doctors or their contracts and commissioning arrangements; criminal law proceeding against doctors; civil proceedings and litigation (including clinical negligence claims against doctors); or a personal legal matter.

Call Doctors Defence Service in strict confidence, without obligation on: 0800 10 88 739

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