Legal Representation for GP Practices: CQC Regulation and Appeals

Legal Representation for GP Practices  in CQC Related Matters

GP Practices are inspected from time to time by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  CQC inspection reports are then published, using a set of statutory criteria, making it possible to compare GP practices.

Where failings are significant enforcement action will be taken against the GP Practice. This could include being issued with conditions or having an entire service suspended.

Doctors Defence Service represents GP Practices who are dealing with the CQC. We can provide ongoing legal advice and representation. We can assist with the compilation of written submissions, the compilation of evidence including evidence of remediation, and advise on appealing CQC decisions. We also represent GP Practices at tribunal hearings.

For more information on the way that CQC regulates GP Practices, see our article: CQC Law and Regulation for Doctors and our article on CQC Case Law.

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