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MPTS Legal Representation for Doctors

MPTS Legal Representation by Doctors Defence ServiceAll General Medical Council (GMC) cases will (from 11 June 2012) be adjudicated upon by the independent tribunal known as the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). GMC cases will continue to be prosecuted by the GMC, which will investigate allegations of misconduct, deficient performance and ill-health affecting performance.

The GMC will also continue to set standards for doctors in practice. The MPTS is a tribunal service set up by statute. Initially, the MPTS will operate very much as the GMC Fitness to Practise (FTP) panels have operated in the past. Later, the MPTS will move from being a panel assisted by a legal assessor, to a panel led by a legally qualified chair who participates in the adjudication process.

In summary, the regulation by the GMC of doctors will continue as before, but adjudications will be conducted by the MPTS. See our GMC / MPTS Representation page for more details of the legal services that we provide to doctors.

Doctors Defence Service has represented doctors for many years before the GMC FTP panels, and will continue to do so before the MPTS panels. If you are a doctor who has a case to be heard before the MPTS then contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you, or to arrange MPTS Representation. This website is undergoing a review in light of the statutory and policy changes that are being implemented, now that the MPTS has come into being, but the majority of the GMC documentation still remains relevant. See, also, our MPTS law web page for more details about the new MPTS policies and procedures.

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