PLDP & PAG Representation

Performers List Decision Panel (PLDP) and Performance Assessment Group (PAG) Representation

Performers List Decision Panel (PLDP) Representation

Doctors Defence Service represents doctors before Performance List Decision making Panel (PLDP) panels in England and Wales, and in relation to Performance Advisory Group (PAG) investigations and interventions.

PLDP panels can impose conditions or suspend a doctor, or take no action. PLDP panels hold substantive hearings and reviews. They can also be convened to consider whether somebody should be included on the List or removed from the List. PAG panels can investigate the conduct of doctors and agree undertakings as to future conduct or refer matters to a PLDP hearing. We can provide legal advice and representation in relation to both areas of law.


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For more information on the legal services we provide to GPs and other performers in PAG and PLDP matters, contact us without obligation on 0800 10 88 739