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Costs and the GMC FTP Stage

Dr L wrote:

Does the GMC seek to recover the costs of a Fitness to Practise hearing from a doctor?

DDS Reply: The GMC does not seek generally seek to recover costs of the case in fitness to practise proceedings. However, new provisions enable the GMC to apply for costs where a doctor has acted unreasonably. The position is different on appeal from fitness to practise determinations, where costs risks apply from the outset.

(February 2016)

Doctors and Police Cautions

Dr S asked:

Do I need to refer a police caution to the GMC?

DDS Reply: The code of conduct, Good Medical Practice, requires that all police cautions or similar are self-reported to the GMC by the doctor who receives one. For more information on police cautions and criminal convictions and the way the GMC deals with such matters, see our article: Police Cautions and Convictions

(February 2020)

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  1. A doctor says:

    I have been suspended by an interim orders tribunal (IOT) panel. Can I appeal? I wish to return to clinical work as soon as possible.

    Doctors Defence Service Replies: You could appeal but you might be better of applying to the GMC for an early review of the Order. If the IOT panel came to a decision that was wrong or disproportionate then you might choose to appeal. However, if the panel did not see all of the evidence that might have persuaded them to come to a different decision or there is new evidence, a review may be more appropriate. Read more on GMC/MPTS IOT Hearings.

    If you seek legal advice on the prospects of success of an appeal against a decision of a panel of the General Medical Council (GMC) or Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) then call Doctors Defence Service on 0800 10 88 739 without obligation.