GMC Law: Second Opinion

GMC Law Second Opinion from a Lawyer

Second Opinion on GMC Law

Doctors will from time to time seek a confidential second opinion, to see whether a new lawyer forms a different opinion (from that of others), or has additional constructive advice to give, which the doctor can then deploy in the GMC/MPTS legal matter that they are dealing with.

Second opinions can be provided in relation to GMC registration, fitness to practise, revalidation, CESR or Specialist Register matters, Restoration, Interim Orders, MPT hearings, or other GMC/MPTS legal or policy matters.

Doctors Defence Service is here to assist doctors who seek a second opinion, or a first opinion. We can usually turn around an Advice quickly, dependent on the stage the matter has reached, and the available materials to work with.

If you are a doctor who seeks a second opinion about GMC law, give Doctors Defence Service a call in struct confidence and without obligation on: 0800 10 88 739