How quickly can I see a Doctors Defence Service lawyer?

Ugent and Non-Urgent Legal Consultations Available to Doctors for Legal AdviceIn urgent cases, doctors may be able to see a lawyer from Doctors Defence Service (DDS) the same day. Our lawyers will generally need to read the relevant case papers in a case, but they are not always available early on in a case and our lawyers gcan give preliminary legal advice in urgent cases or where a doctor is anxious to understand the law and possible outcomes, so as to put their mind at rest.

In many cases doctors wish to know the options that are available to them, at a given point, and our lawyers will seek to analyse the legal issue and provide practical advice.

In less urgent cases, our lawyers can often travel to see the doctor or fit in with their shift pattern so as to be able to hold a meeting. We have offices in various locations where consultations can take place, subject to the DDS lawyer being within a reasonable distance at the time. Our principle offices are in Manchester and London.

Our lawyers work in many cities across the UK and may be able to arrange to see you at a mutually convenient time in a town or city where they are based on a case for a few days or weeks. Alternatively, we can hold meetings via video-c0nference (for example via Skype, which provides a free video conferencing service).

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To make an appointment to see a Doctors Defence Service lawyer, call us on: 0800 10 88 739