How do I instruct a specialist lawyer at DDS?

Lawyers for doctors in all areas of lawA number of specialist barristers work within  Doctors Defence Service and we are also able to assist many clients with other areas of law through our sister barristers chambers, which we have a collaborative working relationship with.

To instruct a specialist in the appropriate field we first need to have an initial discussion (at no charge to you) about the legal issue that you wish to seek advice or representation on. We can discuss the potential legal and othewr remedies open to you, the likely costs involved in purusing a particular approach or action, and put you in touch with a suitable barrister with expertise and experience in the relevant field.

Doctors Defence Service can assist doctors and other healthcare professionals with a large number of legal problems. Our lawyers can assist you whereever you live. To discuss in confidence and without obligation any legal issue call us on: 0800 10 88 739