GMC Appeals – Does DDS help doctors to appeal GMC/MPTS decisions?

GMC Appeals and Judicial ReviewDoctors Defence Service lawyers represent doctors on appeal from adverse GMC/MPTS panel decisions. Our lawyers will assess a doctor’s case and their prospects of success on appeal and give clear advice as to the grounds of appeal that a doctor might lodge on appeal. Our lawyers will also advise on “new evidence” issues, skeleton arguments, bundles and other matters related to appeals, including costs risks. Where a right of appeal does not exist, a judicial review may be the appropriate step to challenge an unreasonable, disproportionate, or unlawful GMC/MPTS decision.

Our lawyers will need to see the transcripts of any hearing that has taken place, the evidence bundles, and all correspondence between the GMC and the doctor, in order to advise on appeal. Conferences with doctors who seek advice on appeal can be held at short notice. Appeal deadlines are very strict and a doctor must ensure that they lodge their appeal notice or application for permission to judicially review the GMC. See also our GMC Appeals page.

Our barristers also represent doctors in other appeals and judicial reviews that are unrelated to GMC law.

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