DDS Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Statement

Doctors Defence Service is a Practice Group Division of Trident Barrister Chambers. We have made a commitment to equal opportunities practices and procedures and we have a policy of reviewing all aspects of our business to make sure we meet our commitment.

We will not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability when deciding whether to accept instructions from clients, recruiting personnel or in the provision of services in general. We provide our services for the general community and not for any discrete client group which might be interpreted as discriminatory. While our experience may mean that we target specific areas of law and legal work in advertising and website, we are happy to represent any person or organisation insofar as our specialisation and competence allow.

We are committed to providing equal treatment and opportunities to all job applicants, personnel, tenants and pupils in the chambers in accordance with the guidance issued by the Bar Council Bar Standards Board and under national and EU law. The DDS / Trident Chambers monitors developments and changes in legislation/best practice in this area and amends our procedures and policies in respect of equal opportunities accordingly.

Should you become aware of any issue or concern in this area, please bring it to the attention of Doctors Defence Service immediately, via our Contact Us page. See also our compliance documentation on equal opportunities.

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