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Lawyers for Medical Doctors

Legal Services for Medical Doctors

Doctors Defence Service provides comprehensive legal services to doctors in the UK and those doctors working overseas who are registered with the GMC or who seek to become registered in the UK. Our lawyers represent doctors before the GMC and MPTS including interim orders, fitness to practise hearings, Registration Law, in Performance List hearings, Clinical Negligence cases, Partnership Disputes, Inquests, CQC and CiW matters, Employment Law claims, criminal and civil law cases, and other regulatory processes. Contact us in strict confidence and without obligation to see how we might assist you. Call Doctors Defence Service on: 0800 10 88 739
GMC Defence

GMC Defence – Representation

If you are looking for a lawyer to provide legal advice and possibly legal representation in GMC and MPTS matters, give us a call without ...
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CV Fraud Prosecutions

NHS Counter Fraud Authority Prosecutions of Doctors – False CVs

NHS Counter Fraud Authority Prosecutions for False CVs and False Credentials -  The NHS Counter Fraud Authority will prosecute employees of the NHS where they ...
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Oral Versus Documentary Evidence - Which is More Reliable in Healthcare/

Clinical Records v Oral Evidence – Which is more reliable?

Medical Records and Oral Evidence -  In CXB v North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust [2019] EWHC 2053 (QB) (August 2019) it was held that clinical ...
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Doctors Entitled to Anonymity in End of Life Cases

Doctors and Reporting Restriction Orders in Court Cases Doctors are entitled to anonymity in cases concerning end of life treatment, as it is in the ...
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Doctors UK Legal Representation

Doctors and GMC UK Legal Representation Doctors Defence Service represents registered doctors, and those doctors who wish to become registered doctors, in UK legal proceedings ...
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Convictions and Doctors Self-Reporting to the GMC

Doctors’ Personal Disclosure of Convictions to GMC is Mandatory

Police Cautions and Convictions - Disclosure to the GMC - The General Medical Council (GMC), the body that registers and regulates UK doctors, requires all ...
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Doctors Defence Service

Your Legal Questions Answered by DDS’s Lawyers

Q and A: Doctors Defence Service seeks to answer your legal questions and queries on this page.* Post a question via our Contact Form page ...
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Whistleblowing and Doctors

Whistleblowing Law WHISTLEBLOWING - Protection or Illusion? Whistleblowing is one of those words bandied around as if the meaning was obvious. Often people think it ...
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Tooth Whitening and Doctors

GMC Registered Doctors and Tooth Whitening Law A number of doctors have undergone training in tooth whitening, provided by commercial companies in the UK, and ...
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Medical Doctors as Experts - Law

Expert Witness Doctors Can Be Subject to GMC Misconduct Proceedings

Expert Witness Doctors and Misconduct as an Expert Witness Registered Medical Practitioner Expert Witnesses whose approach is reckless or incompetent or otherwise deficient are likely ...
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