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Medical Law Barrister Testimonials

Our clients often write a testimonial as a thank you for the service that our lawyers have provided. Here are a few examples from the doctors we have represented in GMC and MPTS proceedings, including the GMC Investigatory Stage, GMC Warning hearings, GMC MPTS Fitness to Practise hearings, and Clinical Negligence Defence.

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Latest Testimonials


Case Closed at Rule 7 Stage following written submissions (Alleged Sexual Harassment of Colleagues)

Dr H Wrote (2023):

“I would like to thank Mr Gledhill very much throughout this stressful time for nearly 2 years, he was available anytime I needed him days and nights, even on the weekends and bank holidays. He was very supportive and understanding, sympathetic,  friendly, yet with a professional and emphatic manner.

He helped me throughout the whole process, Finally after 2 years of waiting, GMC decided to conclude the case with advice only. Thank you very much Mr Gledhill. I would recommend him to anyone having GMC issue, he is very experienced and confident Barrister. Dr H.

Dr B wrote, in relation to a 5 day tribunal considering conviction/misconduct/health

“It was a privilege to be represented by Mr Gledhill.

At the same time, he is empathic and challenging, and will ensure that using his experience he will leave no stone unturned for you to be caught out by potential pitfalls in the Tribunal process.

He was available, and contactable throughout the build up and through the whole tribunal process, despite late contact about the case on my part and my need for representation.

His methods are clearly unique, and that makes them all the more potent.

I personally admired his candour, and his honesty. He guided me through my journey with diligence, and experience, and clear expertise.

I could not have had anyone better to represent me, and guide me, and will be forever grateful to have found him.” Dr CB

Dr VK wrote in relation to a Review Hearing:

“Lee Gledhill represented me at my review hearing following a period of suspension. Prior to my hearing Lee spent considerable time advising me on what I needed to do to, and a framework for my reflective statement. It is clear he is highly knowledgeable about the GMC / MPTS process, and with his expert help I was restored to the specialist register. Lee is a great communicator and his advice was very easy to understand.

Lee was always available for advice and reviewed my reflective statement whenever I needed. This was above and beyond what I expected, and far beyond the legal representation I previously received. Lee was completely transparent with his fees, which are very modest.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lee and am hugely grateful for his support, guidance and his understanding what I was going through. If you are facing GMC action, having someone like Lee in your corner is the best thing you can do.” Dr VK.

Dr AB wrote, in relation to the closure of an investigation without further action:

“Mr Gledhill and his associates have been absolutely vital when previously dealing with a vexatious allegation of sexual assault in terms of dealing with [an investigation and] an approaching interim order trial with the GMC.

The case was closed and dealt with in a fair and supportive manner.

I don’t think I realised just how much I had needed his calm and supportive manner till recently having an episode in my personal life falling below professional standards, but he was again kind and caring enough to give me some mental strength to function when my job and family life are on the line.

I feel he lets the wheels of justice turn fairly and does his best to support his clients and I am sincerely deeply grateful for all the time and effort  even from small emails or texts and I just wanted to express how much that has meant to me and as a partner of a very busy surgery with a young family. I would recommended him to any one in similar circumstances. ” Dr AB

Dr PJ wrote, in relation to a fitness to practise MPT hearing:

“After reading a lot about the GMC cases online, especially against ethnic minority doctors, I was very dismayed to even pursue my case. However, I reached out to Mr Gledhill in a last minute effort to give it a chance – and I am so glad I did.

Despite only taking the case a few months before the tribunal, Mr Gledhill’s experience and calm manner gave me a lot of reassurance and we were able to win the case with no impairment found.

I would highly recommend Mr Gledhill and his services, and would most importantly recommend any doctor facing charges to not give up! ” Dr PJ

Dr GM Wrote, in relation to assistance at the GMC Rule 7 stage:

“Thank you sincerely for all your expertise, patience and empathy throughout this prolonged and (for me) very taxing affair.” Dr GM

Dr GF Wrote:

“Let me make clear, from the outset, that I have been to hell and back with my just concluded matter. Let me also emphatically state that had I known Mr Gledhill sooner, I suspect that my experiences would not have been half as bad. I had a harrowing experience of dealing with a MPTS fitness to practise hearing with my profession and livelihood on the line.

I learnt the harsh lesson, rather belatedly, of making sure that one’s legal representation for such matters is well attuned with what is required in such highly specialised cases.

Mr Gledhill’s calm, empathic and professional approach throughout the entire process was invaluable in carrying me along. He simply instils confidence with his in-depth knowledge of professional standard proceedings. His knowledge and experience about these hearings and what it takes to bring about a successful outcome are exemplary.

He took a personal interest in my matter, guiding me through the entire process, signposting me to relevant courses (that I did not know about), even suggesting ones that may be of lower costs to me.

I was intrigued by his attention for detail. This is someone who genuinely cares for his clients. His approach helped me to distil my own thoughts into a suitable format, which I found very helpful.

Charging very competitive fees, Mr Gledhill is quite accessible and approachable; I could contact him whenever I had reasons to, some times with no charge.  He was even available at weekends, early and late in the day.

In summary, I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to instruct Mr Gledhill and to have him represent me in what was a difficult and tricky matter.

I would highly recommend any doctor in difficulty to do likewise and fast.”


Dr RM wrote:

“I instructed Lee Gledhill as my counsel based on his numerous positive testimonials and I can say that words cannot do justice to how exceptional he is as an advocate. Not only is he considerably knowledgeable over professional standards laws and procedures, his many years of experience and his professional approach are worth their weight in gold.

He is extremely well-versed in the procedural aspect of his work and is able to greatly reduce the burden associated with being in an unfamiliar and stressful situation. He has extremely good professional relationships with all the parties and professional bodies involved and it is clear that he is highly respected within his field of work. This puts Lee in a very strong position to quickly read a case and adapt to how it can progress. This led me to have full confidence in the advice he gave and made me feel that he was working in my best interest.

I was most impressed with how passionate Lee is about his work and the genuine interest he showed in me as a person. Going through professional standards proceedings can be an emotional rollercoaster and at times an incredibly stressful experience. Lee always made an effort to be available and had an uncanny ability to always assuage my fears and anxieties; while still being open, honest and grounded in reality regarding the overall case. He has a remarkable capacity to contain and hold his clients through their difficulties, whilst also bringing out the best of them “on the day” when it needs to count. As a result, I was able to present myself in a way that made me feel certain that I had done my best; leading to us getting the most satisfactory result possible. I have found Lee to have incredibly fair and well-balanced rates; especially when you consider that you get the benefits of very wise legal advice, skillful advocacy during arguments and submissions, and a remarkably high quality of client care. He is an extraordinary individual who is highly personable, at the same time being thoroughly professional. He has been a huge factor in saving my career and I cannot thank him enough.” Dr RM.  

Dr W wrote:

“Many thanks – and thank you again for the invaluable support you provide doctors in this unprecedented era of litigation.” Dr W.”

Dr K wrote:

I am very grateful to Mr Lee Gledhill to have guided me through the process of Rule 7 stage of GMC investigation. The case in question was not covered by MDU as my MDU cover had begun after the incidence. While looking for a legal representative, I consider myself to be fortunate to have come across Lee. His suggestions were extremely valuable for preparing my response. Most importantly he helped me to stay focussed on the key points that GMC was going to look for while making a decision. I could have ended up making the matter more complicated, had it not been for his advice regarding some of the complex issues. His approach towards how to prepare evidence to be able to address some controversial points in the expert’s report bailed me out of this tricky situation. It was a big relief when the GMC decided to conclude the case without any action. ‘Dr K’

Provisional Enquiry Stage

Dr MF wrote:

“I engaged, and was well advised by, Mr Gledhill during a GMC preliminary investigation into a complaint by a patient regarding the care given. Following Mr Gledhill’s advice helped me manage this particularly stressful time, and gave me the confidence to continue working while waiting for the outcome. The case was closed without any further action. Dr MF”

GMC Investigatory Stage

Lee Gledhill
represents doctors who have been reported to the General Medical Council (GMC). He will seek to challenge vexatious complaints made by disgruntled patients or colleagues, by demonstrating, where possible, that there is no merit in the complaint. Alternatively, where a doctor has taken a sub-optimal or improper approach to something in his public or private life, evidence in mitigation and of remediation can be compiled in order to lead to early closure of a case, in some cases. The right reply can lead to the early closure of a complaint, on paper, at the GMC Investigatory Stage without the need for a protracted investigation or a hearing.

 Dr H wrote:

“Lee Gledhill is truly an expert in all things related to the GMC! His knowledge and experience of their investigation stage, panel hearings and behaviour patterns makes him a highly valuable asset to have on your side when tackling the GMC.

“He helped me out with a very complex investigation spanning 3 years, 2275 pages of documentation and allegations involving the GMC, IOT, CQC and a potential criminal prosecution. The case involved allegations of dishonesty and probity, regulatory non-compliance, breach of CQC regulations, professional misconduct, private practice and half a dozen GMC appointed expert witnesses all criticising my practice. My medical defence organisation were very dismissive about assisting me and hung me out to dry so I turned to Mr Gledhill who reviewed the matter and assisted me with tactical strategy and response.

“I am pleased to say that the cases were all concluded with no further action at (or by) the Rule 7 stage, without a hearing and with my record cleared. Mr Gledhill is one of the very few lawyers who is truly on the doctor’s side. He has seen all varieties of cases before the GMC and truly understands how they work. It is clear to me that he has represented many doctors in numerous FTP/MPTS panels defending doctors with good success and, unusually for a barrister, he is less concerned with sending you an invoice. His rates are very fair for the work that he does and I would strongly recommend anyone facing a GMC or CQC investigation to first get in touch with Mr Gledhill… Dr H”

Dr L wrote:

“Mr. Gledhill represented me in dealing with the GMC. As a physician, it is daunting when the state and its bureaucracy and unlimited resources come at you. [I felt that] ‘You really are guilty until proven innocent’. Mr Gledhill was very responsive, thoughtful , honest, and adept at limiting and then ultimately concluding the GMC investigation. I recommend him without reservation.  Do not let the modest office fool you. I did my research and I am glad that I chose him. Dr L. (in practice 20 years).”

Dr LM wrote:

“Mr Gledhill was very supportive and knowledgeable when it came to disclosing a minor motoring offence to the GMC. The sound advice and reassurance he gave throughout the process made a potentially very stressful situation easy to deal with. He was easy to contact and responded very quickly to my queries. I would highly recommend the services of Mr Gledhill to any of my colleagues. Dr LM.”

Dr AA wrote:

“As a doctor, I found being challenged by the GMC to be a scarring and humiliating experience… For me as an overseas qualified doctor this kind of jurisdiction was especially difficult to understand. If one is confronted with all of this, it is extremely helpful to count on an advocate with a wealth of experience in this field, which Mr Gledhill definitely has. I think that doctors are difficult to deal with in any kind of regulatory procedures, but Mr Gledhill has got a somewhat unique talent to make regulatory law understandable even for doctors. I can only recommend any medical practitioner to wisely choose his representation, because if you make the wrong choice, it may be the last choice you have made in your professional life. Mr Gledhill has saved my career, my private life and my marriage and I cannot thank him enough. He also managed to keep certain exaggerated aspects of my case out of the press. Dr AA.”

Dr SA wrote:

“Mr. Gledhill assisted me in replying to the General Medical Council (GMC) at the GMC Rule 7 submissions stage. I have to say that Mr Lee Gledhill has helped restore my faith in the legal world after I was spectacularly let down by my defence organisation and their recommended law firm. Prior to coming to Mr Gledhill I was involved in a lengthy battle with the GMC. I was aided by a hopeless law firm which did not have a clue about what my case was about for the year they represented me. But I truly believe that the decision by my defence organisation to let me down was a blessing in disguise [because I was forced to find a new lawyer]. I did my research and decided to go ahead with Mr Gledhill to support my case. When I first met him in his modest office for such a specialist barrister I was taken aback by his simplicity. He made me feel at ease about my case despite it involving a very serious, sensitive allegation that could have destroyed my career and life if it were to be found proved. He was honest and truthful throughout our first appointment. I could see the professionalism in his approach and the expertise in his field by the way he dealt with my case file. He saw my case from a completely different angle, from the way my previous legal representative had approached the case. Mr Gledhill’s approach was no nonsense and straight forward. There were no hidden clauses and no hidden fees. I was very worried about the financial side of things as I was already broke and had very little means to pay for my legal expenses. The truth is his charges are very modest and reasonable compared to the other law firms I had enquired of. He certainly deserves to charge much more than the other firms as I believe he is far more experienced and gifted than other barristers around. The best thing I liked about him was he made me feel that he believed in what I said and he was never prejudiced by the allegation however sensitive it was. True to my belief and expectation he guided me in writing a very effective response to the GMC; the case was closed with no further action. In my view he has opened a new chapter in my life which I honestly believed did not exist until I met him. In hindsight, I am certainly grateful to my defence organisation for letting me down, which led in turn to my choosing Mr Gledhill as my replacement legal representative. He helped me get closure to my ordeal. Without an IOTa of doubt I would recommend Mr Gledhill to my colleague clinicians out there fighting their case against their regulatory bodies.

Dr TSR wrote:

“Mr Gledhill represented me in a complex case involving a false allegation relating to payment from a previous employer. The employer was quite aggressive in their claims and seemed to skim over failings on their part. I self-referred the issue to the GMC and the employer also made a referral. There is no doubt Mr Gledhill was very supportive and available – even responding to e-mails at awkward hours. Whilst the initial worst-case scenario was very frightening, the end result was very satisfactory and a great relief: unfortunately even the innocent can be made to suffer in these processes. Specifically, there is no doubt that my defence planning would not have been as comprehensive and professional without Mr. Gledhill’s input. His insistence on getting testimonials from previous colleagues and seniors was done against my initial wishes (albeit with my consent) as I found it embarrassing. This was, however, clearly beneficial as the GMC investigators made specific reference to these testimonials and closed the case after studying the paperwork. I also benefitted from Mr Gledhill’s good working relationship with [a fellow] barrister, who advised me on contractual matters with the employer [in the area of employment law and contract law]. I would strongly recommend DDS, …[Mr Gledhill’s colleague]… and especially Mr Gledhill to anyone found in a similar unfortunate situation.”

Interim Orders Hearings and Reviews

Lee Gledhill represents doctors at interim orders tribunal hearings at the GMC/MPTS.

Dr CB wrote:

“Dear Lee,
Many thanks for helping me with my review. You are a superstar.

You were very reassuring at a difficult time.”

GMC / MPTS Warning Hearings

Lee Gledhill represents doctors at various GMC hearings, including those where the Investigatory Panel considers whether to issue a Warning against a doctor. A warning sits on a doctor’s registration for two years (previously five). Many doctors believe that a GMC warning can have an adverse impact on a doctor’s career. Doctors on occasions will ask for their case to be referred to a hearing.

Dr T wrote:

“I recently instructed Mr. Gledhill to represent me in a GMC investigatory meeting. The GMC wanted to impose a warning on my licence for failing to disclose them of a road traffic offence promptly. I approached Mr. Gledhill as I needed professional help from a barrister experienced in GMC related investigations. I was worried about my future career and implications as a result of the warning. I found Mr. Gledhill very professional, approachable, and sympathetic towards my case. I received the best possible advice in this matter and had a positive outcome resulting in a win. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Gledhill in any GMC related fitness to practice or other GMC investigatory matter. His fees are competitive and terms quite flexible… Dr. T.” 

GMC and MPTS Fitness To Practise Hearings

Lee Gledhill also represents doctors at GMC/MPTS Fitness to Practise (FTP) hearings, whether the allegations relate to clinical practice or misconduct outside of work.

Dr KK wrote:

“During a very daunting time and after researching many other advocates, I was very glad and relieved to have Mr Gledhill represent me at my GMC (MPTS) FTP hearing on misconduct and dishonesty. From the beginning, he was always supportive, forthright, empathetic, fair, approachable and always accessible. His depth of knowledge and experience was utterly exceptional and his conduct exemplary. Mr Gledhill’s closing statement during my hearing was unsurpassed and he managed to convey my exact thoughts and emotions when I was too stressed to do so comprehensibly. I was overjoyed when it finally concluded successfully. He is worth every single penny and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone facing the GMC.”

Dr A wrote:

“Mr. Gledhill represented me in dealing with the GMC. Recently, I had to face GMC fitness to practice panel. I was devastated and lost all hope until I met Mr. Gledhill. He responded to my enquiry the same day and consulted with me over phone and e-mail on the weekend. I was really grateful as I was very upset and if I had to wait until Monday, that would have caused me great pain. After I met him, I was put at ease immediately. I found him very knowledgeable with all the legal issues related to my case. He was very understanding, honest, non judgmental and easy to communicate with. I immediately felt that he knew what he was doing. He gave me the right advice. He presented my case very professionally and his approach was excellent. I felt he is a good lawyer and is very aware how to deal with various cases of GMC Fitness to Practice and other GMC investigations. I will have no hesitation in recommending him for any GMC matter…Dr A”

Dr B wrote:

“Lee Gledhill represented me in a FTP hearing with the GMC. From the very first phone-call he was professional, understanding, courteous and supportive. Unfortunately for myself the whole episode was a long drawn-out process but Lee stood by me every step of the way. Whenever I needed reassurance he was always happy to help. His knowledge of medical law seemed to have no boundaries and he always explained legal terms in ways that make it easy for doctors to understand. I am glad to say the hearing went in my favour in every way possible and I know that in most part that was down to Mr Gledhill. Thank You.

I cannot recommend him enough and in fact have already recommended him to a doctor facing similar difficulties…”

Dr S wrote:

“I was at a loss when I had some problems at my workplace. Mr Lee Gledhill confidently took me through the process and always gave me his objective view about the situation. And, though the GMC/MPTS process is a lengthy experience, we came out successfully. I will always thank Mr Gledhill for the outcome. I strongly recommend him.”

Dr K wrote:

Mr Gledhill is an excellent defence barrister. He was totally committed to my case. He was considered in his preparation and developed the most effective defence strategy to challenge the GMC’s charges against me. At a time of great uncertainty it was a comfort to have absolute confidence in Mr Gledhill and his considerable experience of defending doctors. He quickly spotted the value of the evidence I had and knew exactly how to use it to support my case. His submissions to the MPTS panel were exactly right: relevant, strategic and impactful. His decisions and conduct during the hearing was spot on. Mr Gledhill was incisive during cross-examination of the GMC’s witnesses, drawing out evidence and admissions that helped my case. When I was in the stand, Mr Gledhill guided me through the evidence allowing me to tell my story to the MPTS panel. I will return to practice and my profession thanks to Mr Gledhill and his supportive barrister Penny Maudsley. They are an A+ team. Look no further than Mr Gledhill and Doctors Defence Service; humane and approachable, they are the jewels in the crown.”

Dr TB wrote:

“I wanted to thank you but there is little I can say or do that expresses or does justice to how much I owe you. Your guidance and counsel through what has been one of the most life-changing years of my life, has been invaluable. What could have been a horrible turning point in my life has in fact become one of the most important positive influences in my life instead. The person I am now and will continue to be is a thousand times better than the person I was; and that is no small part thanks to you. I am eternally grateful for your help…”

Dr M wrote:

“I contacted Mr Gledhill midway into my [GMC/MPTS] Review Hearing of a suspension.  He was very supportive and concise in his support.  He asked for very appropriate fees as I was not working at the time. He looked at the paperwork before he decided he could help. During the hearing he gave me his compassionate professional opinion.  He explained the situation, in a very clear picture. His style of  weighing up the pros and cons was very  commendable.  His faultless closing speech was  an immaculate conclusion. The outcome was the best result we can get in this circumstances…”

GMC Specialist Register Applications

Lee Gledhill also advises doctors on making applications to the Specialist Register. He advises doctors on how to reply to the GMC where concerns have been raised about a doctor’s probity during the application process.

Dr TR wrote:

“It is a great pleasure to write this testimonial for you, Lee Gledhill. Enlisting your services was the most reassuring thing I did at a time of great uncertainty. The current climate feels like there is a witch-hunt going on against doctors. In such a time I cannot emphasize enough to my colleagues the need for doctors to take precautions and seek expert legal advice. It is so sad that things have come to this but unfortunately this is the reality. Quite simply your professional career and all the blood sweat and tears you put into it are worth so much … why risk the chance of needlessly throwing it away by not seeking expert advice. I am very grateful for the speedy, knowledgeable and ultimately successful advice you gave and would whole heartedly recommend you to any other colleague facing up to the behemoth of the GMC!”

Restoration Applications to the GMC Register

Dr RJ wrote:

Mr Gledhill represented me at a restoration hearing with the MPTS. It was an absolute privilege to be represented by Mr Gledhill. He is an excellent defence barrister; he was totally committed to my case. I found him to be always professional, efficient, approachable, polite, courteous and extremely supportive.

I personally admired his candour, and his honesty. He guided me throughout my journey with diligence, experience, and clear expertise. I was in awe of his brilliance during the hearing His submissions during the Tribunal hearing were of a high quality, thorough, relevant and impactful. 

I am so glad the hearing went in my favour, which was down to Mr Gledhill I could not have had anyone better to represent me, guide me, and I will forever be grateful to have found him. I cannot recommend him enough.

Clinical Negligence Defence

Lee Gledhill advises represents doctors in relation to clinical negligence claims. He is both an advocate and a litigator, which means he can handle clinical negligence cases at each stage.

Dr AE wrote:

“I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Lee Gledhill. In dealing with a clinical negligence claim in which I had been deserted by my insurance union, I found myself doubly stressed. I was delighted to have Lee’s services. He instinctively understood the emotional distress as much as he worked fast to understand the background to the clinical case. He provided always prompt and extremely able counsel, kept us updated throughout and made clear what he wanted of me. We were successful in defending the claim and I am sure that Lee’s professional as well as personal manner were a key part of this.”

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