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GMC Law / MPTS Law Defence Lawyers, Barristers for Doctors. Our barristers accept instructions directly from doctors or from solicitors who represent doctors.

Some of our barristers regularly appear at the General Medical Council (GMC) in fitness to practise (ftp / fpp) cases – and now the newly formed independent adjudication service, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). They have defended top surgeons, psychiatrists, anaesthetists, medical physicians, A&E consultants, and academics, to name a few of the specialist doctors they have represented. They have also represented registrars, specialist grades, middle grade doctors, and junior doctors. The cases have included a variety of misconduct, deficient performance, and ill-health matters.

A Guide to GMC Processes

Provisional Inquiries Misconduct Restorations to Register Health Cases
Rule 4 Investigations Reflective Writing Appeals Performance Assessments
Rule 7 Stage Submissions Remediation Interim Orders GMC Registration
Fitness to Practise Case Law GMC Warnings GMC and MPTS Sanctions

The above list is just a part of the GMC statutory scheme. We recommend that you take bespoke legal advice in relation to preparation for GMC and MPTS cases.

View our GMC Defence Representation Legal Services pages for more information about the legal support provided by Doctors Defence Service.

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Doctors Defence Service (DDS) assists medical doctors who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the United Kingdom (UK) and also those doctors from abroad who wish to register and practise as doctors in the UK. Doctors Defence Service also assists doctors in relation to all other legal issues arising from daily practice and operating businesses in the clinical arena. DDS represents doctors in FTP and IOP GMC proceedings, at inquests, in general civil cases, in commercial and contract law, in revalidation matters, and employment law. Doctors Defence Service can be contacted on 0800 10 88 739. We have main offices in London, Manchester, and Telford. We cover most other UK regions too.