Representation of Medical Doctors in Criminal Cases

Doctors Legal Representation (Crime)Legal Representation for Doctors Facing Criminal Proceedings

Whether related to clinical practice or domestic life or life outside of work, a number of doctors each year face criminal proceedings in the UK and overseas. Depending on the outcome of those criminal proceedings there can be a significant risk to ongoing registered practice as a registered medical practitioner in the UK.

It is therefore important that a doctor is especially careful about any admissions that they might make to the police or to the criminal courts.

Where a doctor is convicted (or charged), the GMC will need to be notified. We must impress upon doctors that there is a rule that he GMC should should be told at the point a doctor is charged, not just at the point of conviction.

Doctors who face criminal charges should ensure that they are properly represented. If the case is related to medicine they should instruct lawyers who are aware of medical law, medical ethics, codes, policies and regulations. We can be instructed privately or by way of legal aid to represent doctors. We work with solicitors who can obtain legal aid in many criminal law cases. (Note that legal aid is not available for all cases and light be means-tested.)

We can introduce you to solicitors who are familiar with the professional lives of doctors, for representation in police interviews.

Our lawyers can assist doctors with the following criminal law cases, in England and Wales:-

♦ Gross Negligence Manslaughter / Murder /GBH

♦ End of life care  – Assisting Patient to Commit Suicide

♦ Assault / Abuse of Patient or Another

♦ Driving Offences / Drink Driving / Drunk in Charge of a Vehicle

♦ Indecent Assault / Rape

♦ Performing Illegal Abortion

♦ Theft / Shoplifting / Fraud


♦ Other criminal offences


See our more in-depth guidance for doctors facing criminal investigations or proceedings.

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