Psychiatric Assessments arranged by the General Medical Council

GMC / MPTS Psychiatric Opinion Evidence and CriteriaThe General Medical Council (GMC) will ask two Consultant Psychiatrists to give their opinion on whether a doctor is fit to practise, where the doctor’s conduct or a fitness to practise allegation / referral raises concerns that a doctor’s fitness to practise may be impaired or that the doctor may be unsuitable to become (re)registered. The GMC pays for such reports out of GMC funds. The defence may instruct their own psychiatrist at various procedural stages, too.

The GMC specifically asks the psychiatrist to provide a written opinion on a doctor’s fitness to practise, by asking the psychiatrist to comment on whether:

a) Dr A is fit to practise without restriction

b) Dr A is not fit to practise, or

c) Dr A is not fit to practise except on a limited basis, or

d) Dr A is not fit to practise except under medical supervision, or

e) Dr A is not fit to practise except on a limited basis and under medical supervision, or

f) Dr A suffers from a recurring or episodic condition which although in remission at the time of your assessment, may be expected in future to render her unfit to practise, or unfit to practise except on a limited basis or under medical supervision or both.

Doctors Defence Service defends doctors in all GMC / MPTS proceedings. To contact a specialist lawyer in confidence about any regulatory matter or in th eevent that a psychiatric opinion is requested, call us for advice on: 0800 10 88 739