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Advocates for DoctorsDavid Welch is an experienced employment law and GMC/MPTS regulatory law lawyer. He first qualified as a solicitor but later cross-qualified to practise as a barrister.

Employment Law for Doctors

He is considered to be a very able employment law lawyer and has represented clients in a variety of employment law cases over the years he has been practising law. He also worked for a while for a medical defence union, and so he is used to regulatory issues in GMC law.

David Welch can advise on all areas of employment law (including employment contract drafting or disputes; equal pay; discrimination; TUPE; pay disputes; constructive dismissal claims; bullying and harassment damages claims; grievances) and represents doctors at Employment Tribunals. David Welch also represents doctors and healthcare organisations on appeal (EAT and Court of Appeal). By way of example, David recently appeared in an employment law case in the Court of Appeal which concerned doctors’ pay.

GMC Law for Doctors

David Welch has represented numerous healthcare practitioners before their respective regulators and is familiar with the daily regulatory issues that crop up in medicine and in doctors’ private lives. GMC and MPTS law can have implications for doctors who are going through the registration, revalidation, or fitness to practise processes.

David Welch represents doctors before the MPTS in all fitness to practise cases, health cases, misconduct cases, deficient performance cases, restoration to the register. He also advises on appeals from GMC/MPTS decisions, and representation on appeal.

David Welch is also conversant with the relevant regulations and protocols affecting UK doctors and those wishing to become UK doctors.

David Welch also specialises in Debt Recovery on behalf of healthcare organisations, including GP Practices.

To speak to David Welch about any employment law, debt recovery law, or a GMC/MPTS regulatory law matter, call DDS on: 0800 10 88 739

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